YTL Developments pledges to make Brabazon the first heart-safe neighbourhood in the South West

22nd February 2024

YTL Developments has joined hands with Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC) to make Brabazon the first heart-safe community in the South West.

Brabazon is the new neighbourhood for Bristol that is being built on the historic former Filton Airfield. GWAAC, a registered charity, which used to have its Emergency Air Base on the Airfield, provides life-saving critical care and air ambulance services across Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset, Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, and parts of Wiltshire.

Great Western Air Ambulance crew in front of a helicopterImage credit: Great Western Air Ambulance


The partnership is a groundbreaking commitment to community health and safety. YTL Developments will pay for and install defibrillators at strategic locations at 300-meter intervals across Brabazon. The aim is for residents of Brabazon to have an accessible defibrillator within a three-minute-return walk, helping to increase the chance of survival for someone suffering a cardiac arrest nearby by up to 70%.

In addition, YTL Developments will also donate £100 for every house sold in the remainder of the first phase and the entirety of the second phase of new homes at Brabazon.

£90,000 committed to mental health, physical safety and social wellbeing

The partnership with GWAAC is the second of three major charity partnerships being launched by YTL Developments.

As Brabazon is one of the largest construction projects in the South West, YTL Developments has forged a partnership with Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, to help support wellbeing within the industry.

The two new partnerships with GWAAC and the Lighthouse Charity sit alongside a two-year, £50,000 partnership with Southern Brooks to support community development in North Bristol, announced in Spring 2023. Together, the three partnerships form a comprehensive strategy to support staff, residents at Brabazon and the wider community in North Bristol with mental health, physical safety and social wellbeing

Promoting wellbeing in the Construction Industry with the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity

The construction industry is renowned for focusing on physical well-being, safety, and personal protective equipment. However, mental health has often been overlooked. YTL Developments aims to change this narrative by pledging to the Lighthouse Charity and actively promoting the use of their services on-site.

The Lighthouse Charity provides emotional, physical and financial wellbeing support to those in the construction industry, where the statistics reveal a stark reality: every working day, two construction workers across the UK and Ireland take their own life.

From encouraging toolbox talks, displaying QR codes to helping staff and contractors access advice and providing free, confidential telephone support, as well as access to the Lighthouse Charity’s app on-site, YTL Developments is seeking to help tackle mental health challenges by facilitating vital support services.

Bringing the community together with Southern Brooks

YTL Developments has been working with Southern Brooks for the past nine months to support community development at Brabazon and across North Bristol.

Under the partnership, YTL Developments has funded a dedicated community manager, who is leading a dynamic programme of activities, events, and workshops to encourage community development. The partnership uses the Royal Society for Public Health’s Community Spirit Framework to measure success and identify areas for additional support.

To date, over 20 events and initiatives have taken place, from welcome workshops, community meetings, drop-in sessions, and pop-up events to a Summer BBQ, Christmas Carols, and an international food festival. Financial support is extended to local groups, fostering diverse community activities, from book clubs to gardening groups.

Anna Perry, CEO, at Great Western Air Ambulance Charity, said:

“Our team of Paramedics and Consultant Doctors treat the most serious trauma and medical emergencies across the region. But we can't do this by ourselves. As a charity, we can only remain ready to respond thanks to the generosity of community and business partnerships like this with YTL Developments.

“Through this partnership, the neighbourhood will benefit from a defibrillator within 300m of every house. Every resident will be given the opportunity to learn how to use these devices, alongside CPR. With this support in place, we could see survival rates for anyone suffering an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest jump from less than 10% to nearly 70%.

“Not only this, but the donations GWAAC receive for every house sale will support everyone across Bristol and surrounding areas if they ever suffer a medical emergency. The funds will help ensure our ‘flying hospital’ can come to those who need it most. YTL Developments are helping to give people the best chance on their worst day. “

Sarah Bolton, Chief Operating Officer of the Lighthouse Construction Industry said:

"YTL Developments' commitment to promoting positive wellbeing in the construction industry is commendable. By partnering with the Lighthouse Charity, they are taking proactive steps to address critical issues often overlooked in our industry. Raising awareness of all the emotional, physical and financial wellbeing support available through our 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline, live chat and text service, ensures that their employees know how they can reach out for help if they need to.

Their teams are also able to access our Wellbeing Academy offering free soft skills and mental health first aid training. This dedication is vital in ensuring the wellbeing of our workforce and creating a healthier, more resilient industry.”

Alison Findlay, CEO, Worker at Southern Brooks:

"YTL Developments' partnership with Southern Brooks has empowered the community at Brabazon, fostering a vibrant tapestry of events and initiatives that bring neighbours together. With dedicated funding and support, we've witnessed a collaboration that embodies the spirit of unity and inclusivity, enriching the lives of residents across North Bristol."

Jon McDiarmid, Sales Director at YTL Developments:

“We’re committed to building thriving communities that work not only for today but for many generations to come. Our three charity partnerships are designed to form a comprehensive strategy that supports the mental health, physical safety and social wellbeing of our staff, our supply chain, residents and neighbours.

Our partnership with the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity will be a UK first in providing a heart-safe community. With the support of the Lighthouse Club, we are seeking to tackle the scourge of poor mental health. And our partnership with Southern Brooks is already supporting new residents both at Brabazon and across North Bristol.

"These three charity partnerships epitomise our Vision for Brabazon. We want to live up to the legacy of the community that built Concorde, stewarding this historic landmark and create an inclusive new community that will drive local prosperity for the next century.”