Gromit Unleashed 2 at Southmead Greenway Centre

5th September 2018

YTL Developments was delighted to sponsor Gromit, Pickles McPrickles as part of the Gromit Unleashed 2 trail. In partnership with the Southmead Development Trust and support a great cause- Bristol Children’s Hospital. The Grand Appeal charity organisation supports the children’s hospital, by funding pioneering, life-saving equipment and research, so that patients have access to the best possible healthcare.

Visitors of the Gromit Unleashed 2 trail has reported how surprised and impressed they were to discover the Centre’s Greenhouse Café which has been home to the Gromit for the past six weeks. The Greenhouse Café, run by the charity Southmead Development Trust, saw its daily takings doubled and was able to offer thirteen summer jobs to local residents.

Southmead Development Trust Business Development Manager, Natalie Bailey, said, ‘’We were delighted to accept this generous backing from a company which is now regenerating an area so close to Southmead’s heart, the Filton Airfield. Historically the area has been a major employer for Southmead Residents and will be again as YTL’s projects create new jobs. We’re incredibly grateful to YTL for stepping in when it looked like we would be unable to raise the money”.

YTL Developments’ CEO, Liam Lee, said, “We are really excited about partnering the Southmead Community in this way. Our plans will provide many opportunities for local residents, including employment and affordable housing. We are creating a new neighbourhood that Bristol can be proud of and helping to put Southmead on the arts map is just the beginning of our commitment to the area”.