Southmead festival 2018

15th July 2018

On Saturday the 14 July, members of the YTL Developments team supported the Southmead Festival on the ‘Shape Your Place’ stand at, the Greenway Centre

Exhibiting as part of the regeneration zone Jade Philips and Emma Symon of YTL gave visitors a presentation on the proposed development, and alongside YTL Developments were Nash Architects, BS10 Parks and Planning group, Engie, and United Communities.

A lego building and ‘draw your dream home’ activity for children (or big kids) proved very popular.

As a business embedded in the local community, YTL is committed to creating a place for the future and for the benefit of Bristol

YTL sponsored the Gromit, Pickles McPrickles, which was the centre of attention and provided plenty of photo opportunities for everyone. We would like to thank the numerous local residents who spoke with us and gave very positive feedback on our future plans for the project.